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Tine Jørgensen is owner of Chiropractic Center Brussels, she is chiropractor specializing in many health problems such back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, and sports injuries, headaches and migraines.


all these health problems have a neuromuscular origin that could be corrected by effective chiropractic treatments.

in our Brussels chiropractic Center, we give you solutions for your skeletal problems.


Our goal is to give treatments to correct the cause of health problems and reduce pain.


to succeed with us and have a stable, long-term result, requires:
a more in-depth approach.

What is Chiropractic?

You might be wondering:

"What is a chiropractic exactly"?

Chiropractic is a worldwide recognized manual health profession and by the World Health Organization.

Many medical studies have shown the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for the care of musculoskeletal disorders such as:

back pain and sciatica, neck, and shoulder pain headaches and migraines, tingling, and vertigo, sports injuries...

Chiropractic Treatments are more than just getting rid of your health problems.

in our chiropractic center in Brussels
, it is a natural approach to your health that aims to improve your quality of life. The chiropractor or chiropractor is the recognized specialist of the spine. The training of several years of chiropractor is a guarantee of competence.

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Brussels Chiropractic Services

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      Shoulder Pain

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        Sports injuries

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          Answers to your Questions About Chiropractic

          Most people think that it is the bones or the cartilage that “cracks”. This is not what happens! Actually it is a release of nitrogen gas. When we manipulate a joint,we gap it. It creates a negative pressure inside the joint and gas escapes from the endplate of the bone. This gas is reabsorbed after the treatment. It is now impossible to reproduce another “crack” from the same joint, in the same direction for 20 min.

          No absolutely not. Research already showed in the 1970'ies that hypomobile joint did not change for the worse with many manipulations. Neither does normal moving joints. The only joints that should not be manipulated is hypermobile joints; What is important to note is that a lot of patients have a portion of their back that is hypermobile and a part which is hypomobile. When we restore normale mobility to hypomobile joints the pain is often relieved.

          A regular chiropractic treatment is not painful. However, when you come in for treatment in great pain, the manipulation is not so comfortable. The good news is that it is over in a few seconds. You are encouraged to relax and breathe out before the manipulation which helps greatly to reduce discomfort. We often say that the pain is in “the resistance”.

          No. it is not necessary. When you come for the first consultation in our Brussels Chiropractic Center and we will de termine if an image is needed. The chiropractor is trained to interpret both x-rays and scans. However, if you have any images it can be quite helpful if you bring them.

          LATEST NEWS


          • Since more than 20 years we are patients at Dr. Tine Jorgensen. We have always been very impressed by her skills and professionalism. She really takes a personal interest in her patients, for instance she often follows up with a phone call to check how we are after treatment. In addition she is a very friendly and charming person. Dr. Tine Jorgensen runs an efficient operation, it is easy to get an appointment in her Brussels chiropractic center in ( belgium), and you never have to wait long for your turn, Great treatment! she will work with you to get you feeling better as soon as possible. One of the few chiropractor out there doing whats best for Chiropractic! Keep doing what your doing.. We highly recommend Dr. JorgensenHans Skeppner Director & Veronique.

            Hans Skeppner Director & Veronique
          • I met Dr. Tine Jorgensen a few years ago in Brussels when i was suffering from a blocked neck. her precise diagnosis, regular treatment sessions and her helpful advice on how to move, helped me get back to normal very quickly. The best of all, is that she helped me recognise the symptoms of an upcoming blockage. And when that happens,I go see Dr. Tine Jorgensen straight away so she can use her magic hands to avoid another painful blocked neck. Such caring chiropractor all around. Outstanding Service! she developed a plan and treatment to get me back up without having to have surgery on my neck. she was very friendly and customer service was Great. She explained exactly what she was doing and made me feel better. I am very happy I came and tried them out. Thank you Dr. Tine Jorgensen

            Karel Demeyer, Civil Servant EU
          • I have been suffering from serious back problems my entire adult life. While it was quite easy to identify the root cause of my injuries, curing them proved to be a “mission impossible” according to various Doctors around the world… Until I walked into Dr. Jorgensen’s Brussels chiropractic center. Dr. Jorgensen is the most dedicated and knowledgeable medical professional I have ever come across. Not only does she dazzle you with her wisdom & experience, she genuinely cares! Dr. Jorgensen is attentive, inquisitive and very thorough in her analysis. She makes diagnosis from a holistic perspective; rightfully so… rarely can any medical condition be solved in perfect isolation. I have been a patient of hers for 16 years and have her to thank for my life quality. Being able to have treatment by Dr. Jorgensen when life ( and my back) takes unexpected turns is the best insurance policy one can have!

            Johanna Hansen / Senior Manager,financial services industry
          • A few years ago i got sudden chest pains. I went to the doctor who made an ECG. Everything was normal. I travelled to the seaside. Pains got so bad that i went to a Cardiologist. All exams were again normal! After a holiday in severe pain, I came back to Brussels in Belgium, My husband said: Try my Chiropractor Tine ( she had saved his back already 2 times before) After the first consultation I felt better, after then second it was gone!!! Something was stuck in the back and provoked a nervepain in my heart and chest region. We have great confidence in Dr. Tine Jorgensen. We will always send friends and family to her. She is fantastic and very patient and professional. I recommend it! Thank you Dr. Tine Jorgensen!

            Jesper kongstad, Journalist & Rikke Kongstad, Hygienist

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          We are a chiropractor in Brussels and also for our patients in the cities near to Brussels like Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Dilbeek, Overijse, Waterloo, Hoeilaart.

          We have successfully helped many patients with a number of different ailments as you can see above, if you are in pain, book an appointment today and let us help you.


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