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Tingling and Dizziness

Waking up with tingling – or ‘pins and needles’ – in the hands is not uncommon and the condition often disappears within an hour or so. For some however, this sensation is persistent, can come and go at other times of the day and is sometimes accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, loss of balance and even temporary blackouts.

This can be very worrying for anyone experiencing this problem and diagnosis can be difficult with the patient hearing differing answers from different practitioners. But there is one thing that you can be absolutely sure of – something is causing the symptoms and that cause needs to be found.

This may sound obvious but when people take various prescription drugs to mask the symptoms this does little to curb the problem in the long term.

Put simply, the cause must be found and corrected.

Chiropractic Center Brussels is your center to help you with all of your health issues. To know more about how Dr. Tine Jorgensen can help you to recover from tingling and dizziness pain, call  our chiropractic center in Brussels today at +32 2 646 0100 or  +32 4 77 62 90 62


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