Chiropractic it's an exclusively manual therapy and especially a natural health alternative that is dedicated to the restoration and preventive maintenance of health.

It is based on existing relationships between the balance of the spine, the nervous system and the impact of their disruption on general health.

The spinal cord, in particular, is a true highway of nervous information. Trauma, poor posture, unbalanced diet, and stress can cause vertebral imbalances - called subluxations - generating nerve interferences, muscle tension, and organic disturbances and many others health disorders such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, migraines and headaches, tingling and vertigo.

The work of Brussels chiropractic Dr. Tine Jorgensen in chiropractic center in brussels is to detect initially these disturbances and interferences by going up if necessary to the origin of the evil by a chain of compensation. He then corrects them with precise, painstaking and painless adjustments.

In doing so, it reestablishes a perfect nerve communication between the brain and the organs and allows the body to express all its natural capacity for self-healing.

If the nervous system works optimally, health will be optimal.

Chiropractic is recognized in many countries, including European countries such as England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium.

Our Chiropractic Services

Back Pain

    Back pain can be one of the most debilitating of problems, leading to stress, anxiety and more back pain. Many people find themselves in this seemingly never-ending cycle. This can be especially probl ...

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    Migraines and headaches

      I have seen many patients over the years who report migraines and headaches more than a few times per week and it’s surprising that so many of them say, ‘But that’s just me’. T ...

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      Tingling and Dizziness

        Waking up with tingling – or ‘pins and needles’ – in the hands is not uncommon and the condition often disappears within an hour or so. For some however, this sensation is persistent, ...

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          What is sciatica? Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, commonly known as sciatica, can occur at all ages of life. But it is between 35 and 50 years that they are the most frequent. This is not a disease in ...

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          Shoulder Pain

            Shoulder problems can be very challenging, and for good reason. Just when progress is made the patient, through no fault of their own, does something to set themselves back. This is because we are con ...

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            Sports injuries

              Sports injuries are frustrating because they can stop you from doing the things you really enjoy. People feel that they lose that competitive edge through no fault of their own. Whatever your sport ...

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