Chiropractor for 32 years for patients in Uccle, Brussels

Dr. Tine Jorgensen is a professional Brussels chiropractor practicing chiropractic.

She is a member of the Belgian Chiropractors Union. She offers treatment in English, French, Dutch and Danish in her Brussels Chiropractic Center.

She is responsible for developing the health of his patients who come from Uccle and thus optimizing their level of vitality and joint mobility (preventive and curative health practice).

Chiropractic Services offered for our Patients from Uccle:


The practice of chiropractor Dr. Tine Jorgensen

Chiropractic is mainly indicated to detect subluxations of the spine, corrected by pressures and adjustments, but it is also effective to relieve some chronic disorders such as vertigo, tinnitus, digestive disorders.

Chiropractors can be consulted mainly in the case of lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain muscle contractures or stiffness.

Chiropractic Center Brussels offers treatment for various types of health problems for patients who come from Uccle through the manipulation of the structures of the human body, notably those of the spinal column.

This includes treating various problems of back, neck and shoulder pain, tingling (pins and needles) and dizziness, sciatica, as well as certain sports injuries.

chiropractor Tine Jorgensen focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, and its ability to maintain or restore good health and overall well-being.

The manipulations of a chiropractor Tine Jorgensen are precise and only target a restricted area, .she is considered specialists in the spine and often show great precision.

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Find out more about Uccle:

Uccle is one of the 19 municipalities located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. Like all other Brussels municipalities, it is legally bilingual (French–Dutch).