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sciatica pain

What is sciatica?

Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, commonly known as sciatica, can occur at all ages of life. But it is between 35 and 50 years that they are the most frequent. This is not a disease in itself but the sign that one of the two sciatic nerves (one is on each side) is compressed at its root, causing severe pain.

This pain follows the path of the nerve. It often reaches the buttock and thigh and can extend to the foot.

The sciatic nerves are the largest in the body running down the back of each leg. For some people, the pain caused by irritation of these sciatic nerves can be almost unbearable – with little or no relief.

But few people connect the problem to the spine where the sciatic nerve roots exit from the spinal cord. When these nerve roots are irritated or pinched, it can cause an extremely painful flare-up of one or both of the nerves down the legs.

What seems like an insurmountable problem can respond dramatically to the restoration of normal spinal function, taking the pressure off these major nerve roots.

What are the causes of sciatica?

In 80% of cases, the irritation of the nerve is due to a herniated disc.

There are other causes:

  • a trauma
  • a narrow lumbar canal
  • vertebral collapse

What are the symptoms?

Sciatica can cause several symptoms: cramps, pain in the lower back, in the thigh, behind the leg, and sometimes to the foot, disorders of the sensitivity or the muscular force in the leg concerned.

Sciatica treatment

Like other health problems, the cause must be found and corrected. To relieve it, treatment with analgesics and anti-inflammatories, and rest are necessary. The pain disappears gradually in one to three weeks.

Dr. Tine Jorgensen is here to help you with all of your health problems. To know more about how she can help you recover from Sciatica pain.

In most cases, the longer the problem persists, the longer the correction will take. If you really want to solve this problem and avoid surgery, contact Dr. Tine Jorgensen at Chiropratique Bruxelles today 02 646 0100 or  04 77 62 90 62.

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