We often experience pain when something isn’t working properly. By that logic, feeling good would mean that everything is working fine, right? Not always. Because it’s often easier to tell when your spine isn’t as healthy as it could be, we’d like to share four habits of a happy, healthy spine.

1. It’s carried well.

For a healthy spine, good posture is crucial. This doesn’t mean just standing up straight when you’re moving about, but also being conscious of how you sit when you’re at work or home and even how you sleep in your bed.

2. There’s always time for exercise.

A happy, healthy spine needs regular exercise to function well. So, what’s the best way to exercise your spine? Work the muscles around it like your abs so they’re strong enough to maintain its proper position.

3. It gets proper nutrients.

When we eat healthily, chances are we’re more conscious of how it may help our clothes fit well than what it does for our nervous system. A healthy diet high in leafy greens and vegetables can help our body better accommodate stress and allow our nervous system to function optimally.

4. Your spine is well rested.

Not getting enough sleep each night can wreak havoc on our entire body—including our spine. Your spine helps you stay upright all day, and it needs its time to relax and rejuvenate just like the rest of you. Make sure your spine is supported during sleep and avoid stomach slumber when possible.

What Are Spinal Disk Problems?

Anybody who has experienced a damaged spinal disk knows how painful it is. This health problem can be corrected, do not hesitate to contact us.

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